The thought of losing a loved one is not pleasant, and consequently many of us put off planning for the eventuality of death. However, you might have considered what your wishes are for after your own passing; you have probably made out a will, purchased life insurance, maybe even discussed your preferences with family and friends. Taking these plans one step further - making preplanned funeral arrangements - removes the burden of worry from your family at a very difficult time. We have seen firsthand how preplanning your funeral services can be a great gift of love and caring.

Preplanning offers peace of mind and financial benefits for both you and your survivors. You will know that your final wishes will be carried out as you specify. Your family will know that they are honoring you and your choices, without the worry and concern compounding their grief. A properly set-up plan uses your own personal funds and is permitted by Medicare and SSI. These funeral plans can be funded through the New Jersey PrePaid Trust Fund or Forethought Funeral Planning.

If you haven't considered funeral preplanning before, you may have a lot of questions: what happens if death occurs far from home? How do I know my prepayment funds will cover my final arrangements? How much does it cost to set up a preplan?

We at the LeRoy P. Wooster Funeral Home and Crematory have extensive experience in preplanning. We have guided many people just like you through the preplanning experience - answering questions, alleviating concerns - helping you to feel confident about your preplan choices. Preplanning generally takes about an hour to complete. If you would like to get a "head start" on the preplanning process, or you just want to see what type of information we will need from you in order to complete your preplan, please visit our secure Online Preplanning Form. The encrypted results of the form will be held until you have time to come in personally to discuss your preplan account with us.

Preplanning only takes a little time, but can save countless hours of time and indecision for your family. The gift of preplanning is one of the greatest you can give to your loved ones. We encourage you to contact us at (856) 767-0539, or use our online contact form.

We look forward to assisting you!